Disadvantages of selling on Facebook

Selling on Facebook can be very advantageous, but everything with an advantage has a disadvantage. Because something is popular, it doesn’t mean it has no downfalls. If you are considering putting up your business on Facebook, there are things you should consider first. It is not easy to predict your income on Facebook, so you never know how much revenue your page will generate and how your relationship with the public will be.

Negative content

Explained communication might seem relaxed and friendly, but in reality, some people will use your page to post harmful content. There are others who will post false allegations about your product on your page, and everyone will see. So a Facebook page needs full-time monitoring, ideally monitor every post. Even if you address to this quickly, you never know who has seen it, and this will affect your businesses memory.


When someone likes your page, it does not necessarily mean that he or she will get every update you post on his or her news feed. To give users control over their accounts, the management gives them the ability to unsubscribe to pages whenever they wish. If they unsubscribe from your page, they will not be able to see your updates unless they actively visit your page. This makes it hard for you to know precisely how many people visit your page, this way you start making guesses.


When you advertise on Facebook, you either pay either by cost per click or cost per impression. Facebook usually recommends that you pay higher the pricing during the phase of ad creation. If other advertisers bid higher than you, their ads will have more views than yours. This puts businesses like yours at a disadvantage.

Time consumption

Using Facebook as a business platform is time-consuming. If you are a busy person, you might be forced to hire a social media manager. Other than watching out for the negativities, one should look out for questions that need to be answered. Some customers are also kind enough to leave suggestions and ideas, and this will help boost your business and increase creativity. Facebook runs for 24hours every day. As a result, there are posts every single minute and might accumulate quickly. Hiring someone to watch over the page might not be realistic for the smaller companies; it might be costly and cause so much loss to your business.

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