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Facebook Marketing for E-commerce

Facebook marketing is promoting a brand or product and maintaining its Facebook presence. Facebook marketing refers to paid, boosted or free posts. Facebook is one of the best mediums for generating customers for your brand. Successful Facebook Marketing Strategies for Businesses Facebook is increasingly changing every day that passes by. Facebook marketing can be falsely [...]

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4 Ways To Enhance Customers’ Experience In Your Shopify Facebook Shop

A happy customer would spend more on your Shopify shop. He/she will purchase more items and become a repeat customer. In this essence, you need to offer ways that will help you enhance customers’ experience. Customers can leave a positive review which can make other customers to make a purchasing decision. Selling on Facebook with [...]

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Disadvantages of selling on Facebook

Selling on Facebook can be very advantageous, but everything with an advantage has a disadvantage. Because something is popular, it doesn’t mean it has no downfalls. If you are considering putting up your business on Facebook, there are things you should consider first. It is not easy to predict your income on Facebook, so you [...]

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