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With your own Facebook shop by Shopify, you can start selling jewelry online as soon as today! Learn how to create your own shop!

If you already got your own personal base of Facebook fans and you’ve got the jewelry they want to purchase online, why not make things more simple and integrate your Shopify store with Facebook. The process will take only a few minutes and with the new Facebook shop by Shopify, you can start selling your jewelry on one of the most popular social media platforms as soon as today.

The best part – your followers will never have to leave your Facebook Page to purchase a jewelry from you. Now they can share your jewelry products with their friends and make quick purchases with just a few clicks on the mouse. What’s even better – the Shopify Facebook Store application automatically syncs all of your information and provides important and customizable details.

With your own Facebook shop by Shopify, you have an opportunity to connect with your customers quickly. You can personalize the whole shopping experience with the Messenger chat support on your Facebook page and online store. The customers can decide whether they want to purchase your products in a chat or from your online store and track the orders in real time.

Shopify makes it super easy for you to build and manage your Facebook store. Selling jewelry online has never been easier. You have all the features you need to provide an excellent shopping experience:

A simple set up process:

You can complete everything from your backend Shopify admin. No coding expertise is required and you can set up and customize your new Facebook store in a matter of minutes.

Automated real-time syncing:

One of the things we like the most is that every time you add a new product or you update the prices, the changes are reflected in your new Facebook store.

Incorporated & integrated:

All features and functions you enjoy on Shopify are available in your Facebook store. That’s why Shopify is today the preferred platform for entrepreneurs around the world, if you want to see all the features it offers, go to https://www.shopify.com/facebook/

Shopify is an excellent platform for retailers and brands in the fashion and accessory sector to grow their businesses and attract new potential customers. When it comes to choosing the right ecommerce solution for your jewelry store, there is no better option. With Shopify, you can take advantage of everything from selling on Facebook to international sales, integrations, and much more. Not only does this ecommerce platform have a host of incredible features for jewelry brands, but you will be doing all of this within an efficient and simple interface.

Using Shopify comes with numerous benefits. Aside from the fact that you can sell with Facebook and build a community around your items, you can focus on growth. Shopify has a clear focus on all business needs and specifications. Shopify is a hosted ecommerce solution which means you won’t have to worry about technical details such as PCI compliance and SSL certificate. Shopify takes care of everything. For a growing jewelry brand, selling in one country is not enough. With Shopify, you will have a chance to expand your store and sell to multiple countries from all over the world. Shopify takes care of tax rates for different markets making international selling a lot easier.

The numerous features that come with your Shopify store are only a small amount of the incredible opportunities that come with Shopify. The App Store can offer you hundreds of different applications that can add great functionality to your Shopify/Facebook store. Shopify is a great platform that will give you access to powerful features and apps for growing your jewelry business.