4 Ways To Enhance Customers’ Experience In Your Shopify Facebook Shop

A happy customer would spend more on your Shopify shop. He/she will purchase more items and become a repeat customer. In this essence, you need to offer ways that will help you enhance customers’ experience. Customers can leave a positive review which can make other customers to make a purchasing decision.

Selling on Facebook with Shopify will enable you to reach more customers as you will target those that use Facebook and search engines. Also, you will offer services that will make customers happy. With this, you can increase the conversion rate. Let’s have a clear view of ways to enhance customers’ experience in your Shopify Facebook shop:

Make sure that your store loads at a higher speed

A slow loading store can cause bad experience and customers can press the exit button and use another site. To avoid losing customers, you need to ensure that your store loads within o.5 seconds. A Shopify store is not like other stores. It has more advanced features which can enhance the productivity of your business. Hence, you need to take advantage of this. You can avoid uploading photos that are excessively high-resolution photo and those picture formats that do not fit the web. With this, more customers will find you with ease.

Have a compelling product page that will convert more customers

The product page is crucial as it can convert visitors to customers. It should be interesting in a way that you can convince customers that your products are worth buying them. With this, you can sell more on Facebook and increase sales. Your product page must have the pricing information, high-quality photos, and a short and clear product description.

Streamline your check out process

Selling on Facebook with Shopify is not only about to display your products but also making sure that your customers find your products with ease. If you make your store hard for customers to navigate, they will bounce and use another store. You can make the add cart simple and clear by ensuring that customers add items on the cart easily without leaving your store. Also, you can have the pay button visible for the customers to spend less time while purchasing your products.

Set a fair price for your products

The most significant way to enhance customers’ experience on your Shopify Facebook shop is pricing your products well. If you underprice, customers will view your products as of low quality, and overpricing can make a customer make a U-turn. To avoid this, you need to have clear communication with your customers to know what will drive them to purchase your products. With this, you will set a price that will align with their expectations.

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